I work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. My keyline artworks are perfect for diagrams and step-by-step instructions.
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Scale drawings of all seven galleries at Hastings Contemporary, Hastings

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Book cover for Quiller Publishing

Below: Christmas cards designed for property search agent www.home-fusion.co.uk

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Hastings company Only Coco commissioned me to illustrate their new Christmas Pudding chocolate bar wrapper.

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These two book covers were commissioned by Quiller Publishing.

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Hastings Contemporary commissioned this design for use on merchandise.

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These black & white illustrations were commissioned by Quiller Publishing for a book on falconry.

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Invitation to the 80th birthday of a lifelong animal lover. She has travelled the world to see wildlife, visiting such places as Kenya, the Galapagos Islands, India and Antarctica.

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Cards to hold vouchers for White's Seafood and Steak Bar in Hastings and Battle

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This book cover was commissioned by Quiller Publishing.

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Congratulations cards for the arrival of babies of friends who live next door. Both our gardens are invaded by badgers at night. Between the first and second child we got a dog. That's the first child riding on her back.

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I have been asked to produce maps on several occasions. These were for a prospectus for Blackheath High School in London.

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Hands can feature a lot in step-by-step instructions. These artworks, for Appleseed Editions, formed part of sequences in children's non-fiction books on magic, cookery and survival.

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Also for Appleseed Editions, these are from a series of children's non-fiction books on energy sources.

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A small selection from many dozens of illustrations for a six-part series on magic tricks.

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These are taken from a children's non-fiction series called Living Things, for Appleseed Editions.